UP IP Assists a Client Succeeded in Invalidating an invention Patent "An On-line Monitoring System of a Fuse (ZL201410156236.4)"

A client of UP IP decides to request for declaration of invalidation for its competitor's patent "An On-line Monitoring System of a Fuse (ZL201410156236.4)".

We started to work after receiving the client's instruction to prepare the invalidation request. We screened the patent documents and spotted go-beyond, unclearness, non-support and insufficient disclosure issues of the patent, and managed to file the initial invalidation request with evidence to the Patent Re-examination Board. Then we used the one-month window for collecting evidence and preparing and then filing further supplementary grounds and evidence for attacking on inventive steps of the patent.
We mainly debates about the inventive step of each and every claim of the patent during the oral hearing before the Board. Ultimately the Board accepted our arguments and declared all the claims of this patent invalid.